Monday, July 7, 2014

A New Boy at Fermyn, Day 2.

 As I arrived and parked at the small entrance to Fermyn (note I have got spelling right this time as I have slightly recovered from yesterday) I was greeted by HIM as I got out the car, he circled but did not land. Today was much sunnier and warmer this morning than yesterday and behaviour was a bit different. Again I found 11 down including a female effortlessly cruising start/stop along a track around 12.30 when at least one other was seen elsewhere, reminding me of the butterfly equivalent of a Boeing 747 but on a smaller scale. The males were not that interested in opening their wings wide for photography and were distinctly restless, although one or 2 would not budge. As per yesterday, I was circled by a few males, who then dropped on the track.   Certainly  a lot of the Emperors I have seen down have been 'old stagers' and have a few battle scars, but there were still one or 2 that looked newly emerged. One which I videod had a fixation with a patch of pink clover flowers  and kept returning and climbing up the nearby grass stems, I think this was newly emerged.
 Around 13.00 it started to rain and I headed back, one more day to go, I hope the weather holds.

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