Thursday, July 10, 2014

Purple pedicure

I had intended to go to Alice holt today but as I headed up the A3 there was and obvious line of cloud that looked like East Hants and Sussex would be in gloom most of the day (sorry Neil) so on reaching the A272 ( the Purple Highway)  I headed west to winchester and West Wood - thanks for the tip Ashely.
I had my bicycle with me so after parking up I did a circuit of the main track without much joy, although it did turn up a nice valezina which didn't stop for a photo.
This wood is dominated by Beech and Pine  interspersed with a few Oaks but with There seemed a distinct lack of Sallows - even less now that the FC have done their ride widening. However the Sallow that is present os of very good quality dominated by mature broad leaved types with very little narrow leaved.
On my circuit I spied a narrow track that had some lovely broad leaved sallow on the south side so sat down to have some wine gums and a drink. 
No sooner had my bottom touched the floor than a male sailed along the ride at eye level at settled a bit further up the track for a few photos. 
A bit later on I found another seriously giddy male on the main track and it ended up sitting on my toe for 30mins giving me the most magical pedicure!!!! No fish paste was used in obtaining these photos  - all natural ingredients. Who needs moleskins and boots?
In all I saw four possibly five males but no females.
Later I moved across to Bentley Wood which was very disappointing revealing just a brief glimpse of a single female.
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