Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cambridgeshire gets a Purple tinge

Following photo's of Cambridgeshire Emperors on the local BC sightings page this week I took an anticipatory look around Ditton Park Wood near Newmarket once the grey wash had broken to yield sunshine yesterday afternoon.  As to be expected being well into the season and with a low density, it took a while to find a Majestic.  After an hour or two's work, which was an amazing feat of patience on the part of the toddler I had in tow, I had chalked up 5 sightings on 2 apparent territories.  All canopy capers but there's a nice looking path and a dirty shed roof that have grounding potential, there are also evident sallow clusters along the more open rides.  The first Emperor of the day was memorable glide across a sacred grove where much of the sporadic activity was focused. During the week there have also been Emperors seen and/or photographed in Cambs at Woodwalton Fen (2) and Castor Hanglands, it's great that the county is establishing a regular tinge of the best shades of iridescent Purple.

There are a couple more pics of my close encounter with HIM at Fermyn last week on


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