Tuesday, July 8, 2014

From Duncan Poyser

A retrieval trip to Fermyn today after the grey washout last Sunday.  As this one had taken to me, I tried to point HIM towards Cambridgeshire and whispered a few words in his ear about Castor Hanglands and Southey Woods.  He had a partially rolled right hind wing and a distinct waved kink in the left fore wing so others may have seen this one around Souther Wood over the past few days.   Having landed on my breeches he was quite happy to investigate a bespittled finger before returning to the canopy after 10 minutes or so.  There were reasonable numbers of grounded majestics and I also enjoyed plenty of canopy action, including a fantastic battle of 3 males that drew in little swirl of unsuspecting Purple Hairstreaks.   As ever beguiling stuff.

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