Friday, July 18, 2014

last flurry?

Since we've only been seeing a few during the last 5 days in UT, we have assumed that 'the end is nigh'. However, our best observers, Wendy and Mick Campbell observed 10 yesterday in a relatively small area of woodland. Matthew, what is the shortest season you have encountered? For me, it is not less than 4 weeks. Since we started seeing them properly on June 20th here, then I would hope we would continue to see some, at least, during the next seven days.


Liz Goodyear said...

Our two key areas in Hertfordshire are still occupied

Matthew Oates said...

The answer to Dennis's question is 1976, when they shot over in the heat. In Alice Holt they started properly on June 24th and were all but gone by mid July.