Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A New Boy at Fermyn (day 3), The Money Shot.

 My day did not start well as the fire alarm went off at the hotel I was staying at around 4.30. Needless to say it was a false alarm. However I arrived at Fermyn at 9.30 and saw my first airborne Iris soon afterwards. It was not long afterwards that a rather worn male landed on a gentleman's bottom and made it's way on to his boot. He was very popular with the surrounding photographers.
 I personally only had 5 males down in total, but 2 of these were very fresh. One was down, circling me, perching up nearby then back down again. It was here or hereabouts for over an hour, so other visitors got a chance to see it. This gave me the opportunity to capture the purple on both wings. Earlier it had been difficult to get an open winged shot due to the hot weather, but as some cloud came over, the opportunity presented itself. In total I saw around 15+ but I know other people saw more. Nevertheless there were fewer around today than yesterday and the day before.
 Unfortunately on a sad note a large grass cutting machine was undertaking management work in the wood today ( which was probably essential) however it flattened an unsuspecting male, totally oblivious of it coming along the track.
 I left around 14.00 and saw another 2 as I was heading for my car.
I will certainly return to this magic wood next year now I have seen the promised land.
I will post some pictures when I have sorted through them.

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