Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bentley Starts To Wake Up ......slowly !

Made my first trip to Bentley Wood today unsure of what to expect as had heard reports that HIM had hardly got going . The report book showed the first sighting was on Friday with only 3 sightings in total .My first sighting was at the " Switchback Junction " , a  male sallow searching which came to ground for a photo shoot . Another male graced me with his presence with a fly-by at the Wych Elms while looking for the WL Hairstreaks ( which failed to put in an appearance ) . But the best was saved for last . A male was holding territory on the pine trees behind the car park , making several searches when the sun came through . He finally flushed out a female which he chased , but was rejected by the Empress by the classic move of plunging to the ground . The male then returned to his throne on the pine spurned but not defeated . Fermyn beckons :-)


Jerry Stanley said...

Nice one Dave , I am jealous , spent 3 days at Bentley now! Lol

Dave Law said...

It was hard work to get a return of 4 Emperors for a 6 hour stint . Very slim pickings all round with few SWF's or WA's showing , although located 2 WA eggs .