Sunday, July 13, 2014

Immobility of iris

We all know that HIM spends a lot of its time in trees doing, apparently, not very much at all. We don't often get the opportunity to find out how long; how many of us, on seeing iris perched in a tree, wait till he flies off?
On the 11th, the warden of a local Bucks nature reserve, a water filled ex quarry surrounded by sallow and hawthorn scrub and Ash trees, was on watch, mainly for the birds. He was there for a total of 4 hours. HIM had never been spotted on this reserve. It is about 2km from the nearest iris wood. Whilst scanning the Ash trees with his telescope he fixed upon iris about 10m up. The specimen was partly hidden, but he was able to get good photos. He first saw it at 11.43, and it finally took off 3h 33 min later!
I wonder how many we miss because they are up in the trees out of sight and immobile for long periods?


Liz Goodyear said...

We once had a field trip at Broxbourne Woods and there was an Emperor in an oak tree for almost the entire time. Made it very easy, just told people where to look, they saw it, added it to their tick list and went! Can't remember how it was there though

dennis said...

thanks Liz.
I should have also commented that maybe that one was there for more than 3h 30m, because it could have been there before the warden chanced on it with his telescope of course