Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ladies Day at Lady Wood

The unexpected heavy overnight rain had created some large puddles in the potholes on the tracks, which presented minor hazards riding a bike, but excess moisture may have also been one of the reasons why we experienced no groundings during our 6 hour patrol around Lady Wood and Souther Wood on this day. With the prospect of poor weather forecasted for the remainder of the week, we decided to concentrate our efforts at locating and observing Herself. In this, we were successful in the Lady Wood area. The added bonus of a number of grassy rides being widened and cleared by the very efficient cutter the day before allowed us access to search away from the main tracks. Action began as usual, around 10.00 AM. Our count of 16 individuals included 5 females, one of which alighted on the pines at the junction of the two tracks Grid Ref SP973845. She was of an impressive size and seen by a number of followers. The Mid Nene local group of the RSPB congregated at this junction and were treated to action in the sallows to the right of the pines where a female and two males held court. It was a day for binoculars and the ‘Long Lens’. Images are from Nigel’s encounters timed around 1 PM. Bill Seager (Fermyn Light Horse)

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