Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sighting in East Horsley, Surrey

Because I maintain the HMBC branch website sightings page, I receive countless emails including one from a contributor who shares the same name as my brother ~ this often confuses me. So last night after a busy day at work I received an email telling me that whilst playing golf a Purple Emperor had landed on his golf caddy yesterday! Thinking this was a sighting for the branch website, I replied asking for more detail and location etc. It was only when the reply came back with the name of the golf course, that I searched in google and realised it was actually my brother this time sending in the news - the golf course was in East Horsley. Being that East Horsley isn't far from Bookham Common, I am assuming that the area is a known location


Unknown said...

That Emperor looks like he has survived a few battles !

Liz Goodyear said...

Probably from golf balls :)