Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thursday 3rd July

Arriving at Fermyn Wood by 07.30 allowed me time to contemplate the grey clouds and feel the cool breeze before the sun finally broke through at 10.05, when the fun really began. Lots of Emperors on the ground at Lady Wood and Souther Wood, enough for everyone who was there – and there were not that many. I put a conservative estimate of 29 Iris that I personally counted (I had many more “sightings” though). There were quite a few “trouserings” and landings on footwear. However, highlight for me was the Empress who acted like a male and came down to the track for sustenance at 15.10. (I doubt she got anything as it was very dry). Cycling back to the car park at 16.00, I put up 3 males on the main ride which was in shade by this time. Bill Seager (Fermyn Light Horse).

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