Friday, July 4, 2014

Doings in Fermyn

Blessing -
On Tues July 2nd The Rev. Prebendary John Woolmer conducted a short service in Lady Wood Head, Fermyn Woods, officially Blessing the Purple Emperor season.  Here are some photos -

Of particular signifance to us is the Reverend Prebendary's Stole -

He then placed his stole and Bible on the ride edge and wandered off Emperoring for a couple of hours...

John Woolmer is the author of The Grand Surprise: Butterflies & the Kingdom of God (published by Word for Life Trust, 2004).

We are pleased to show this photo of the de rigour Purple Empire badge being placed next to a feeding iris (Fermyn Woods, Tues).  The fair hand is Gillian Thompson's.

From the sublime to the ridiculous.  Here is Brother Neil mixing up the medicine on Wednesday morning -

Hot water was then added.  I videoed this Great British Breakfast Bake-off event.  The recording will be posted here in due course...

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