Friday, July 27, 2012

A new territory in Middlesex today

My season has ended as sailing is about to begin but Andrew's season hasn't ended so whilst I was at work he was having all the fun. 27 July 2012 ~ Whitewebbs Wood, North Enfield ~ based on work with Liz Goodyear, I was very pleased to at last see two Purple Emperors this afternoon. There was one male, sometimes two, on territory and active high in the oaks in hazy sun between 1 and 4pm, when I left. The weather is forecast as pretty good tomorrow afternoon Sat 27th July, so anyone wishing to join me there tomorrow would be more than welcome. I plan to get to the North Lodge entrance TQ330995 by 12.30 if anyone wishes to meet me there. I would advise bringing binoculars and a collapsible chair, insect cream etc, and some patience. My advice would be to put aside time through to at least 2pm, if not 3pm. North Lodge has good parking on Whitewebbs Lane, north side of Whitewebbs Park, about 300m west of the King and Tinker Public House, or one could walk through Whitewebbs Park or Forty Hall from bus services out of Enfield Town. (please copy and paste link as it is too late in day!),199870&st=4&a r=y&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=642&ax=532770&ay=199870&lm=0 For interest ~ previous records of singles known to me ~ 1909 Enfield Chase 1909, 2000 Whitewebbs Park 1976, Whitewebbs, Forty Hall ¾ mile lane, 2003 Forty Hall, 2010 Ferny Hill Farm general area (Robert Callf). Thanks - Andrew Middleton


Derek Longhurst said...

Hi Liz - are those dates 1909, or should they be 1990?

Liz Goodyear said...

Enfield 1909 is correct, records are sporadic, as is the situation for Epping. Dots on the map but all connected