Monday, July 30, 2012

Normal for Fermyn

Phil Corley and friend, Mon 23rd July.  Seconds later the ecstatic Corley ascended to the Heavens, like Elijah, on a chariot of flame drawn by horses of fire -

My car window, 8pm on Mon 23rd July.  There was a significant evening flight of iris that day, after a moderate wind died down ca 6.30pm.  This evening activity may help explain why the butterflies were relatively quiet the following day.  Earlier on the 23rd, a female ab. ? lugenda settled briefly on my car number plate - this means that my car is now officially classified as Blessed and may be worshipped as a minor Classical deity -

And finally, a scene from the gents loos in Fermyn Country Park (the tea rooms there serve some of the best cake in Britain) -

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