Thursday, July 5, 2012

Alice Kicks Off!

A very tentative but nonetheless welcome start to the season in Alice Holt Forest, Hampshire.  A lengthy vigil at Goose Green Old Car Park, the main territory in Alice, produced two sightings of what was probably the same wandering fresh male, at 2.05 and 2.22.  He did not attempt to establish a territory there and seemed to wander off north towards the high point territory in South Lodge Inclosure.  Freshly emerged males often behave like this.

Another primary territory, Abbots Wood Car Park, produced a second sauntering male, at 3.33, and Mark Tutton ('BB') saw him on territory there at 5.45.

Good Emperor seasons explode upon you, this one whimpered. 

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irisscientist said...

There's appears to be a common link between these two sites somehow (as well as many others!)...currently however I just can't manage to put my finger on it!!! Looking into some of the earlier references might perhaps give some clues??? Just an idea?