Tuesday, July 24, 2012

From John Woodruff

Being an avid reader of The Purple Empire blog page i wonder if you could help me please. Until today i was an Iris virgin, having only ever seen his majesty in books. Thankfully at Bentley Wood this morning that all changed as i was treated to photographing both a pristine and a worn male on the floor feasting on dog droppings.
 The pristine male i saw had been disturbed from a log but returned moments later to the same spot, and as it was about to land it was fluttering it wings furiously making quite a pronounced sound to the three of us watching it. So my question to you is is this sound normal behavior ? or is there a reason you can think of that could explain this please ?
Any response would be gratefully appreciated.


BB said...

Hi John - welcome! If you mean a rattling sound similar to that which large dragonflies make when you get close then yes it is normal. When you get buzzed by an emperor you will routinely hear the wings as they circle around. Kind Regards Mark.

John Woodruff said...

Spot on Mark that is exactly the sound to which i was referring about.
Many thanks for your response it is much appreciated.