Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fermyn Woods aberration

Here's the female aberration that I saw within a minute of driving into the woods (en route to the cottages where I stay) last Monday. She initially settled on my number plate which means that my car is now officially Blessed. She then fed for 3-4 mins from a damp patch on the ride side before rising to settle, wings closed, for 42 mins in a sallow trees, before skulking off.  I saw her entering the crown of a shady sallow 2 hours later.  I think this is ab lugenda but will get the pictures checked up.  Lugenda is a gerundive (verbal adjective) meaning the state of mournfullness.  I also saw an ab iolata male (equivalent of a bog standard ab semi-nigrina / ab obliterae White Admiral) that morning, probably the one Doug Goddard photographed.

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