Sunday, July 8, 2012

Alice Holt

Spent nearly nine hours in the various woods at Alice Holt today. Drove there in a monsoon and had to slow to thirty mph as the windscreen wipers couldn't cope! Needless to say I nearly turned back. Whilst the gloom was stilL present I took the opportunity to explore some areas that I haven't been to before. The sun came out about noon for a while and in that short interlude I encountered a few skippers, white admirals and silver washed fritillary nearly stepping on an adder while I admired a fresh female swf! A slightly brighter period encouraged me to visit Goose Green old car park to eat a late lunch and between 2.50 and 3.05 i was treated to three sightings of a male high in the oaks - he quickly chased off a blue tit that invaded his airspace. The rain returned so I took a stroll down straits Inclosure when the sun came out with some vigour bringing with it the best numbers of swf and white admiral that i have seen so far this year including half a dozen female silver washed. Taking the hint I returned to goose green for an hour where I saw what I think was another male in the chestnut six times between 5.20 and 5.45. At no time did I see any male/male clashes. Having seen the forecast for the week it looks grim. Mark.

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