Sunday, July 22, 2012

From Ashley Whitlock

Went to one of my favourite woods today (Sunday), Farley Mount/ West Wood near to Winchester. I got there early anticipating a good showing with good weather in prospect, Unfortunately all I got was a very cloudy day with intermittent bursts of sunshine, I made up for this looking for the main core breeding area. I found a lot of Sallow in the western end of the wood and the ride rises up and runs from West to East, and the Sallow is a potentially good breeding area.However I only glimpsed the Emperor once for a few seconds at 1007 on a Oak tree.

I not sure they are out in significant numbers here yet. The ride where I normally see at least one or two drew a blank, but it was mainly a cloudy day. The Silver -Washed Fritillary took ages to fly and saw only (4) White Admirals and one of these was straight out the box!

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