Friday, July 13, 2012

Man Flu!

A lost day must be reported, caused by a bad attack of Man Flu.  As you know, Man Flu usually comes in on the back of a hangover, but in this case it didn't.  

Some of those who follow me on Twitter (@NTMatthew Oates) will know that I did cycle round a large chunk of Rockingham Forest late on Wed night, without lights, suffering from a bad attack of Poetry, looking at Glow Worms and listening to reeling Grasshopper Warblers ,and falling off periodically (my pump got caught in my trouser leg).  But in this case Man Flu was caused 100% by prolonged Foul & Abusive Weather. 

Tomorrow looks marginal but Sunday - St Swithun no less - is set fair.  All those of even remotely Purple Pursuasion should be in the woods then, as the day should bring the main emergence of males for the season and cannot be missed...  Consider it a three-line whip. 

I'm running a hunt for iris in Ashridge Woods in the N Chilterns on Sunday.  There should be a male assembly point close to the Bridgwater Monument there, which has an observation platform at an appropriate level.  Watch this space. 

Meanwhile, here's a fresh male from Fermyn the other day -

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