Tuesday, July 17, 2012

From Fermyn

For various reasons, not least of which the foul and abusive weather, I had not managed to visit Fermyn during the flight period until today when I was scheduled to lead a walk for BC and the Desborough Wildlife Group. Twenty enthusiasts, most local, others from Cambs. and Yorkshire, trudged through Cherry Lap in cloud, hardly seeing a butterfly. As we reached Lady Wood, the skies brightened and a male sped past as we turned the corner beyond the poplars. Venturing down the ride noted for 'oak-edging' males, we met a couple of men who had located a male perched high in typical pose on an oak spray. Thanks to David Wright of Harrogate, all were able to view it in its splendour (above). A brief sunny spell brought out another male and we witnessed a few sorties round the oak canopy. The whole mood of the party was transformed - a triumph for iris again. A number of White Admirals were seen, plus Purple Hairstreaks, but it is still very poor by Fermyn standards. Hopefully iris has not emerged fully here yet!


You have to resort to birdwatching mode to see iris this year

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