Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Atlantic depression stuck over the Purple Empire.  No chance of any butterfly activity there, let alone emergence, until the wretched thing fills...  Even then, iris is unlikely to emerge until after a couple of warm sunny days.  

We had seasons like this during the late 1970s / early 80s, and they were hell on earth.  Here are the start dates for iris in Alice Holt Forest, Hampshire, during the sequence of wet summers from 1977 - 1981, with start dates for camilla and paphia for comparison.  Interesting that the latter two tended to emerge much later during that period than has been the case in recent years, including 2012.

                iris                  camilla            paphia
1977        23rd July        10th July          12th July
1978        15th July         25th June         7th July
1979        15th July         11th July          6th July
1980        20th July         5th July            29th June
1981        18th July         12th July          7th July

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