Tuesday, July 24, 2012


What a difference a day makes! I received the following from Matthew in Fermyn today, in sharp contrast to yesterday:

No 2 days in the PE season are alike! Considerably fewer sightings today, and no females.  I only saw 4 down on the rides (E Ride) and few people did better. I wonder if there were too many folk there?  The only person who did significantly better (local lad - forgotten his name) cycled S into Tichmarsh and cleaned up there. Earlier, he photoed a pristine male ab lugenda at the N end of the track across the arable field - I've seen the pix, superb.  He is a lovely chap. So pleased for him.

I left at 1pm, by which time they'd virtually stopped flying - too hot, no female emergence today probably, and yesterday evening they were v active till 8pm! I've had them v quiet before after an evening flight. Several SWF seen.
I had an equally frustrating day today, having decided to visit Salcey Forest. The butterflies were reluctant to show them and there was no sign of the PEs seen yesterday. I think it is the extreme heat. However, one was seen from the fourth tee on Silverstone Golf Course, adjacent to Hazelborough Forest from where it presumably came.

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dinksbumf said...

In Hazelborough today and was greeted by a lone PE almost as soon as I stepped onto the path! No further sittings, though white admirals and SWF around, until almost at same spot returning to car some 2 hours later.

For my first season as a PE spotter I have now seen 3 on the ground at 2 sites and got some great pics. Think I'm hooked!