Monday, July 9, 2012

Hampshire Doings - Ashley Whitlock

Date: Sunday 8 July 2012
Today was good weather conditions compared with the past few months, with sunshine in-between bouts of cloudy weather, very little breeze and was very warm when the sun shone.
However that’s about it, as it turned out to be very disappointing, at ALHF(1) I was really expecting to see at least one male, but nothing showed up. I was there for three-quarters of an hour, at 12:15 the wind very light south-westerly and then it clouded over and the wind did get stronger, but I’ve seen the Emperor in worse conditions than this. After a 30 minute wait the skies cleared and there was brilliant blue sky and the wind dropped, but still nothing.
Either what males there are about are not using this site any more, with just (2) males being seen in 2011, or there is not enough males out yet. With the poor weather continuing for the next week the prospects look very bleak. I left the site about 12:50, very disappointed.
Buckshot Hole
The site looked ideal as when I got there the sun was out all the time I was there, but at 13:00 there was no activity. With very little male activity at the moment I doubt very much they will use this site. Only stayed here for 10 minutes which is never long enough, but I just felt I was wasting my time.
Goose Green Inclosure
I had high hopes, when I arrived I thought there would be a least one flying around. No it was not to be. The sun was out some of the time, but then it did cloud over which probably didn’t help, but the conditions would still have meant reasonable flying conditions with very little breeze, and it wasn’t cold. I arrived at 13:15 and left about 13:50.

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