Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My first Fermyn visit

On monday 23rd , after getting some info from Matthew Oates & Neil freeman  on where to look , i drove 166 miles down from cheshire to Fermyn wood to see the Emperors!  loads of cars there when i arrived at 9.40 ish.  walking down the first track, matthew drove past,said hello and then carried on driving!  (thanks for the lift matthew! lol )  just after entering Lady wood, his car was stopped under a tree!  with an Empress ab.semi iole perching above :)    so my first Emperor of the year didnt take long to see:)  leaving Matthew i walked down the main paths around lady & souther wood, finding grounded male Emperors everywhere!  by the time i had walked round the main track my total was up to 20 males , i was amazed to see so many,  seeing up to 4 at once at one point!   the colour of these newly emerged specimens was superb!

i also found a grounded purple hairstreak which posed for a few phots :)    arriving back on the main track to meet Matthew , by this time ,about 1 pm most people had already gone?  stange!  Matthew then showed me all the areas where the males hang out!  , we saw plenty more,i then witnessed  the so called "incident"  when Matthew almost trod on "HER HIGHNESS " when she was drinking from a muddy puddle,  i have been sworn to secrecy on what words rang out at that point!,  but he later said ," thank god it wasnt a sunday!  lol "     after watching a pair of males fighting we walked along the track between Lady & Souther wood where we found 2 very playfull males,the first of which perched on my finger!

The second one , after perching on my shoulder ,& then on a passing cyclists shoulder and nose! ( so funny! )     he flew around me a dozen times, the sound from the wings clipping was amazing!  Eventually the image everyone wants to see, Emperor perching on mr Oates hat!  i have closed wing shots also :))

after saying goodbye to Matthew, another 3 males flew past me just walking back towards the car!

my final total of probably the best flutter day i have had this year , was 3 females and 38 males.   about 24 -26 of which were grounded ,  along with maybe 8-10 white admirals. 
 the alure of the Emperor grows inside me :)

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Matthew Oates said...

Please note that Oates's hat is decorated with a scarfe of myriad purple hues during the season, which is impregnated with Thai fish source. You know it makes sense.