Sunday, July 22, 2012


Andy Wyldes visited Fermyn Woods yesterday morning to find the area almost devoid of iris hunters. He saw half a dozen males on the ground in Souther Wood, all very fresh, and another observer had seen the first female reported there this season. He heard from soeone else who had been there today.and recorded double figures.

In the meantime, I looked in the Silverstone woods today. After a couple of brief sightings amid the canopy I found a grounded male, feeeding on a patch of trodden horse droppings, sadly looking a little worn and appearing to have some damage to its front right leg, though it was able to fly well enough.


dinksbumf said...

Woo-hoo! My first ever sightings of HIM self. After 3 hours of mud squelching walk through Fermyn Woods they were awaiting me driving to Lyveden I think on the edge of Royal Coppice. 2 beautiful males ignoring the commotion they caused. Fantastic!

irisscientist said...

Now you are just rubbing salt in!!! Picnic prepped and wellies already packed in the car. Just before leaving the house, my mother calls with urgent IT issues. 5 hours later I return home, having not only failed to reach Fermyn, but also not solved the IT issue. Later it simply turned out to a faulty USB...Salt and a fresh wound. Ouch! Had an important test to perform and sounds like I missed an ideal opportunity. Best laid plans and all. Not a good day!