Sunday, July 28, 2013

83rd Sussex Tetrad (2 Km Square) Turns Purple Since 2010

News from Sussex stalwarts Michael & Clare Blencowe:

We took a hike today (28th July) from Horsted Keynes to Kingscote. A great walk through some lovely Sussex scenery. We recorded butterfly species along the way to fill in some gaps for the Sussex Butterfly Atlas. At Kingscote we jumped on the Bluebell Railway and headed back to our starting point. The sallow-lined network of fishponds just north of Horsted Keynes looked like a likely place for Purple Emperors so I kept an eye on the canopy as we passed by. Sure enough I had a brief glimpse of the Emperor high above the anglers - another purple square on the Sussex Butterfly Atlas. We now have 83 tetrads in Sussex where Purple Emperor have been found since 2010. Can we get to 100?

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