Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sexing Pupae2

Further to Matthews recent post, I just thought I'd follow this up in a little more detail. Below are 2 close up images of A.ilia pupae, although I highly doubt that A.iris pupae are any different.

Although size can be good general reference for sexing pupae, for those with access to the appropriate equipment, I detail below some more accurate pupae sexing information:

Males have a circular portion just beneath the anal claspers. This is separated into 2 equal halves via a vertical line, similar to "⦶".

Females on the other hand lack this circular portion and instead have a "+", the bottom portion of this cross transects the fourth pupal segment, which is directly below the anal claspers.

I hope some of you find this useful? Many thanks are offered to Ian Bedford, head of the Entomology Department at JIC for allowing me access to the stereo microscopes.



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