Thursday, July 18, 2013

Assorted Doings...

Briefly -

Savernake Forest, Wilts:  Delighted to count 15 males in the territories I monitor along Three Oak Hills Drive today.  That's good by Sav's standards. 

Firestone Copse, Isle of Wight:  Congrats to Colin Thornton for turning up iris in Firestone Copse on the Island.  Although many of the best sallows were cut back 2-3 years ago the site still looks good and the rediscovery of the butterfly on the Island was long overdue.

Hatfield Forest, Essex:  3 recently seen and photographed here.  Not surprised at all, looks highly suitable.

Bradfield Woods, Suffolk:  Apparently it's been seen here recently, and this is apparently not an introduction site (clarification needed please).  

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