Sunday, July 14, 2013

From David Phillips:

I don't necessarily wnat to blog regularly, but I would just like to inform devotees thatthis morning at exactly 6.55 am, while walking my dog in Lady Wood / Souther (Fermyn), about a quarter of a mile west of the reservoir, I saw my first Purple Emperor of the summer. It was a male, flying strongly along the top of the sallows, presumably searching for females. If this season is anything like last year, I expect there will soon be many more... but later in the morning, of course.


Roo Perkins said...
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Roo Perkins said...

Hi, yesterday (Saturday 13th) - 8 grounded males in Fermyn and another in Lady Wood. Plus at least 8 other males seen patrolling. Absolutely superb. Grounded males seen between 08:00 and 14:00 after which it went quiet. White-letter hairstreak and White Admirals seen as well. Superb day!