Monday, July 8, 2013

From Peter Farrant

mon 8th july 2013 TUGLEY WOOD, SURREY. Chiddingfold Forest .chap from Kent  had male PURPLE EMPEROR on horse dung. i missed it. he showed me photo he took at 11.39am. i said it might return. at 11.59am it did, flying low over track, it soon found a doggy doodoo at side of track amongst vegetation. soon there where three more people with us taking photo’s, after awhile it flew up flying low around us purple flashing at times. it made it’s way along track heading south, i followed it and found it settling ahead of me, so shot some video the others caught up, it flew farther along track and settled again at edge of track, more photo’s and video shot ,it settled for a good feed, a wood ant scuttling around it’s feet , i think it was the wood ant that sent it up at 12.20pm, that was the last we saw of it. It was in mint condition. Wood Whites ,Silver Washed Frits, and White Admirals seen.

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