Monday, July 15, 2013

From Ashley Whitlock

Went to one of my favourite sites near Winchester, and I counted up to 16 species on site , with Scarlett Tiger Moths on the wing as well (5). Obviously the Purple Emperor was the highlight of the visit. I arrived at 0800, and met a few dog walkers who had never heard of the Purple Emperor,as they were asking me was I looking for you do. I was talking to a chap with three spanials as I was putting my 'shrimp paste bait' down and he had just left me after wishing me goodluck when this rather charming butterfly decended from the heavens and plonked itself down not far from me. I was still in shrimp paste mode no camera to be seen, but it had obviously worked, he stuck around for about five minutes giving it plenty of wing waving. He ascended again and tried to muscle in on some dog poo which a Red Admiral was standing guard over, and he gave the Emperor short shrift and the Emperor exited stage left.This all took place at 0910, and again at 0925, and again at 0950, where I had to stop two dog walkers from going any further, as I thought this Emperor was about to land, it didnt and I explained the situation, they politly smiled and moved on.At 1045 I saw an Emperor at the top of the ridge Oak edging, and then back down my favourite ride I had a lovely male on some Horse Manure, he stopped there for well over 20 minutes. Occasionally getting off after I was getting too close to sit on a leaf at the side of the ride. He then buzzed off down the ride weaving left and then right stopping for a few seconds, and then off again. When I finally caught up with him I realised he was looking for a nice patch in the shade. He decided to hitch a ride on my walking boot...what an honour! He stopped there for at least 10 minutes, and then on to my trouser leg. What a day!

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