Friday, July 12, 2013

Another Visit to Alice Holt

Another visit to Straits was initially similar to my visit there yesterday, with great conditions but no morning Emperor sightings. I did however hear of two sightings along the track, one non-stop male accelerating over the trees and another venturing down on the track welcomed by a friendly toddler who ran over to point him out to Mum, but himself decided to take his leave at this point!
In another part of Alice Holt I was much luckier and saw a mobile low flying male grounding from time to time up and down the track, only settling for a short time at each landing. He eventually made himself comfortable on some old bait around 15.00 and posed with wings tightly shut for photos for myself and two others.
Then off to Goose Green again to end the day with a male having a rest on a tall oak before sailing off.

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