Friday, July 5, 2013

Getting Ready for the Season 3

Ken Willmott and Rob Hill have been keeping close watch at the two male territories on Bookham Common, which regularly produce early males.  None has been seen so far.  My own guess is that the first will appear there on Sunday, but that's only a guess. 

Elsewhere, my guess is that the butterfly will start from the 10th - but I may be gloriously, or even incompetently, wrong.

To date, the only record we have is of an odd male near Brill in Bucks on July 1st, by an experienced observer. 

Meanwhile, now is the time to paint a big toe nail purple.  It is, of course, traditional amongst People of Purple Persuasion to sport a purple toe in season... (I'm using 2true Glossywear shade No. 16, donated by Miss Camilla Oates)...

The Sukebind is indeed coming into bloom...

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