Sunday, July 21, 2013

From Ashley at Creech Wood, Forest of Bere

Went to one of my favourite Purple Emperor woods today, and it didnt disappoint, mind you it took a while before I actually espied one. At 0907 one male was seen oak edging along the wayleaves in the wood, and then it all went quite quiet, the next Emperor seen was at 1045 another male oak edging, and then another at roughly the same time coming through the wayleaves and out over the ride. 1220 another male seen oak edging, and by this time I had decided to walk up to the highest part of the wood, and here I was greeted by a magnificent female who promptly flew around my head and into a sallow bush at 1220. Again at 1235 I saw a female egg-laying inside a sallow deep within the bush itself, she did actually come out and flew around me, and then disappear into the sallow again. Another male was seen sallow searching at 1245, and a minute later a male and female were seen in a chase along the oak edges heading west. At 1250 I then saw a bit further up the ride a female searching around a sallow obviously looking for a good area to lay her eggs.

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