Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Middlesex is off

Arrived at 13:00hrs at the north Enfield site found last year by Andrew Middleton and located what I hoped was the obscure gap in the canopy.........Waited, moved around and return and got a fleeting glimpse of something special. Then at 13:40 a Purple Emperor made his presence known high up in the neck breaking gap! I decided to then check out two other sites just over the M25 including the Northaw territory. Despite watching both for some time, nothing appeared, not even a Purple Hairstreak (present at Enfield though) so I went back. A 30 minute wait had to be endured but finally he appeared again, making several flights, perching and then a chase. I could not confirm that it was definitely a second emperor but his/their behaviour had been indicative of two being present (flying faster). After that activity subsided and I left the site at 16:30 very satisfied.

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