Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Good Day At Botany Bay

A quick change of plan this morning (10th July), as my father got a day pass from the Sturmbannführer, meaning that getting him close to a Purple Emperor was the order of the day. After yesterday's success it had to be a return match at Botany Bay. This proved to be a good decision as between 6 and 8 individual males came to ground repeatedly throughout the day, giving a great deal of pleasure to the numerous visitors.
By 4 pm the cloud had moved in and under humid conditions we saw a change in behaviour, with the first evidence of active mate seeking, including determined sallow-searching and oak-edging around the Triangle area. Another great day amongst good friends and good butterflies - Botany Bay is performing well this year.


Alex Berryman said...

Where exactly are they favouring at the moment Neil?

Neil Hulme said...

Hi alexthefrog,
the Triangle area, the Four Oaks territory about 100m SW, and the High Point about 400m SE.
Good luck!
BWs, Neil

Alex Berryman said...
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