Monday, July 29, 2013

Female behaving badly

Today, 29th July, found an egg in  a naughty spot: see picture.
1] Sallow too small with exposed sprigs: normally, bushes with lots of foliage are chosen
2] Egg laid on south-east facing part of bush: the north or north east part is usually chosen so that the young larva is not exposed to the afternoon sun because they can quickly dessicate.
Clearly, a poorly educated female, or, as Matthew has been known to call errant females: 'a vixen'!


Matthew Oates said...

Suspect an old and tired female. They will readily lay on south-facing sallows IF there are shading trees to the south.

dennis said...

thanks Matthew; on the other side of the ride are tall Poplars, so there may be some shade I guess