Saturday, July 20, 2013

From Alex Berryman

Thursday 18th July

Alice Holt (Strait's Inclosure)
5 Males seen between 0900-1100 between the car park and the 2nd Observation tower. Including 2 grbriefly grounded individuals at 1000. One between the two observation towers and the other at their favoured congregation point this year; from the car parking place walk approximately 300m. Before the path 'dips' on the right hand side there is a small clearing (more of a layby!) and another 10m or so on there is a dead tree. The Purple Emperors seem to be favouring the oaks behind this dead tree and are grounding themselves daily in the small layby/clearing mentioned. have seen up to 3 individuals here the past few days.

Friday 19th July

Botany Bay
No males seen grounded by myself but one reported at the high point 0915. Several butterflies in flight however including:
1m at high point,
1m at 'the triangle'
3m and 1f along path that runs south west from the triangle.


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