Sunday, July 21, 2013

  From Ashley Whitlock
Working on a saturday is not good for the Purple Emperor sole, however I ventured to Southleigh Forest again after last saturday's venture there. I arrived in the wood about 1400, and immedaitly saw a Male on station flying around his vista, he was quite active flying in and around the large oak he was using. Despite the windier conditions and cloudier parts of the sky. I did see another male out of the corner off my eye, on another oak but they never seemed to meet, except once when they did clash there was a good chase at 1500. I had walked a fair length of the main ride and was quite impressed with the Sallow content of the wood, and the very mature trees. I did see another male in another vista further along, but he was just passing through I think. I left the main arena, and started walking towards the entrance of the wood when a female came and 'buzzed me'she was a magnificiant speciman, flying quite close to the ground and flying like the clappers along the ride. I suspect she was trying to get away from an amourous male there abouts.
Southleigh Forest Highpoint 2013.jpg

 Boot Power Part 2.jpg
 Close up male Emperor imbibing.JPG


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