Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nothing at Fermyn but Finemere kicks off

Drove up to Fermyn on Monday 8th having had the week off booked for ages . Arrived early afternoon expecting to blank and it soon became obvious that my gut feeling was correct . All that was flying was a multitude of skippers ,browns and tortoiseshells but HIM was nowhere to be seen despite it being a glorious day .  Arrived at the woods early on Tuesday with perfect weather for males grounding but again drew a blank however White Admirals and Silver Washed were emerging . Returned home on the Wednesday via Finemere Wood and thats when it kicked off . Instantly met by a grounded male imbibing from a fox dropping and another nearby on a banana skin . A further 20 metres up the track and i was buzzed by a third which shot up to the oaks after circling me a few times . Returned to the original two on the track to find them side by side . Left Fermyn feeling pretty down but with a sense of unfinished business but left Finemere euphoric .   

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dennis said...

Hi Dave,

please e-mail me:;
I don't know if we know each other: I'm the iris species champion for the upper thames branch of BC and collect the records for this region so this is important as it's the 1st finemere sighting this season